Crestron pride themselves on their certified programmer program which is held in high respect in the industry due to the rigorous training, extensive experience, and stringent testing required before achieving "Crestron Certified" status. Once a programmer has achieved this status, they get invited to the exclusive and specialised “Masters Classes” which are held once a year in Europe and America and usual comprise of three days of training courses. These classes help programmers stay up to date with the latest that Crestron have to offer in both software and hardware. It also gives them the opportunity to network and share knowledge with like-minded programmers.

Once a programmer has attended three annual Masters Classes they can apply for their Silver designation, which is only issued upon passing an exam. To elevate to Gold status, a further three annual Master Classes must be attended followed by an additional exam. The highest level, Platinum, is achieved by attending an additional three annual Masters Classes and a final exam. The final exam is a significant undertaking, taking up to three months to complete, delving into every aspect of Crestron’s technology. It can then be a nail biting few months while you wait for the submission to be rigorously evaluated.

At the end of January, Oliver was sent an email congratulating him on passing the Certified Platinum Exam, saying his submission was ”very well planned and executed”. He was delighted as it now puts him in an exclusive group of experienced Crestron Programmers. Crestron say “These certification levels denote our top programmers who are exceptionally dedicated to staying current with the latest technology from Crestron and providing the best possible service to their customers.”

For us, as a Crestron provider, this is another of the elements that set Crestron apart from their competitors. Their technical institute is far beyond what other AV providers do – it means that programmers working on their systems are qualified and kept up to date with latest innovations. So when we install a system, you have the confidence that you are getting the best advice and programming possible.

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