One of the biggest frustrations we hear from programmers is when they need to update a many instances of a module in a program.  We have worked hard on resolving this by creating a “Search and Replace” function within the Refactoring Entitlement.

This new feature finds each of the specified modules, and replaces it with another of your choice, complete with signals reattached according to choice.  This can be used for changing modules or symbols if you need to make an amendment; for example when a client requests a widespread change, or you need correct an problem found in one program and you want to be sure you don’t miss the same problem elsewhere.  This could take an Apple TV update across 20 units down from an hour to a couple of minutes, and without the risk of fat-finger mistakes.  That alone is worth the annual cost of the Entitlement.

The element of SIMPLified 2 we are most excited about is the ability to test your program tidiness and find out your SIMPLified Program Score. This is already in the design entitlement, and has now been improved to make the scoring better reflect program completeness and standardisation.  From an integrator’s perspective, it demonstrates that you are providing programming to a certain standard within the industry, which in turn establishes good practice.  You could even get some competition going with your colleagues to see who can achieve the highest score!

Finally, we have added a console window to save you switching between SIMPLified 2 and toolbox to make life easier.

If you already own SIMPLified 2, when you open it you will be advised there is a new version which you can now download.  If you haven’t bought it yet, click here for more information and purchase options.


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