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Apple TV Module Update - New Licencing Mechanism

A few of months ago we released our Apple TV Ethernet Control Module for Crestron Systems.  We are very proud to be the first to release such a module for the Crestron platform and have had some great feedback from those who have purchased the module so far. 

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Theme Creator Gallery

Ultamation's Theme Creator (for Crestron Smart Graphics) is one of our best sellers on our website shop.  So we thought it was about time to show off some of your work.

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Amazing Creatives ... at LSP

This week we were honored to be chosen as one of Liverpool Science Park's Top 10 Amazing Creatives to celebrate their Ten Year Anniversary. We have been based at Liverpool Science Park for 6 years and were asked to talk about how the business started, why Liverpool is the place to be and what's next for Ultamation.

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Ultamation in Cyber-Print

With the release of our Apple TV IP control module for Crestron 3-Series processors, we've also written an article extolling the virtues of SIMPL#- Crestron's C#-based programming environment - which opens the door to doing all sorts of cool things.

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Crestron Integration Awards 2016

We are proud to announce that Ultamation and Intuitive Homes have won another prestigious award [drum roll please] … the Crestron Integration Awards 2016 for Most Innovative Solution. 

The Crestron Integration Awards celebrate the achievements of the integrators, designers and partners that have embraced Crestron solutions in both residential and commercial projects across EMEA.  They honour the year’s most spectacular and innovative system designs in several distinct categories, including Best Integrated Home, Best Corporate Installation and Most Innovative Solution, amongst others.

Crestron said of our win “Being a winner out of 112 entries does say something about the quality and scope of the project, so well done!”  

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ITSA 2015 Winner!

We were thrilled to recently discover that we have won an ITSA Award for one of our recent projects.  The project, which is intriguingly called The Man Cave, is a joint project with Intuitive Homes and won the most Innovative Installation category. 

This project proved to be one of those that doesn't come along too often, and truly embodies the ‘custom’ aspect of custom installation.
An existing client wanted to take their basement car park and change it into a one of a kind man cave with the center-piece being a rotating turntable to park and display one of his supercars. The brief was simple – create a space that Tony Stark would be proud of!

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Is your house ready for (Christmas) movie action?

Dare we say that Christmas is around the corner ... what better way to treat yourself and your guests to one of the best movie servers in the marketplace. Kaleidescape allows you to collect, manage and enjoy your films through a high quality interactive display and helps deliver an authentic movie experience in your own home.  Click here to watch how it works or contact us for more information.

And now to sleep ...

Does your Crestron solution provider give you a "sleep" function? ... Probably not.

Our framework not only provides a sleep function in every room so that you can select how long you want to watch TV for (or listen to music, or, well, anything...) while you doze off, but rather than shut the room off abruptly when the timer runs out, we fade the lights and volume down gently over the final minute so you're not disturbed by a sudden change. Does your current home automation system do that for you? No... we didn't think so. Watch how it works here or visit YouTube and search for Ultamation to see this and other videos.

Switching rooms is easy

One of our aims at Ultamation is to make our Touch Panels intuitive, so they are easy to navigate round and quick to perform the task you need.  Click here to watch a short video of our latest user interface in operation, showing how easy it is to switch rooms and access those rooms which are used most frequently. It also demonstrates how the interface informs the user through simple graphical and textual cues which sources are in use around the home, or in the selected room.

We often put videos of our Touch Panels on YouTube so you can see them in action - visit our YouTube Channel to view them.