Why every Crestron Programmer needs Theme Creator

If you haven’t heard about Theme Creator, it’s an alternative to using Crestron Studio for the creation of Smart Graphics themes.  However, rather than listening to the marketing blub from us … here’s a few recent comments Crestron Programmers who have bought it and use it: 

“I thought I’d take a moment to give some positive feedback on an awesome product. If you are like me and have spent years cursing Studio for theme editing or creating, stop right now!

At the end of last week after presenting a business case to my employers, i finally got the purchase of this product approved. I have sat here ever since, wondering why i didn't do it sooner! My problem was that i didn't really know what it could do and couldn't get enough out of the demo version to appreciate the power of the software. I spoke to a friend who had been using it for a while and learnt enough to take a punt.

It is honestly amazing, the hours saved, the loss of hair avoided and the fact that it is so easy, encourages you to make a better UI product.

I have had a couple of challenges with some of the things i have tried to do and their [Ultamation] support and willingness to assist has been spot-on.

I am in no way affiliated to this company or product, I just believe in giving credit when it is due.

I am sure many on here have been using this for a while, but if you haven't, seriously consider it!” Mark Allen

“Been using it for years! Love it!” Adam Henley 

 “We use it as well. Awesome product, much more intuitive than Creston native editor.” Arkadiusz Rycyk 

“Yep theme editor rocks, so much faster and more efficient than Studio. You should also check out the other tools they offer, I have the full package and it makes day to day work so much faster when I have to go back and work in SIMPL or S+.” Dustin Provorse 

“Yes, I use it frequently and it is a such an amazing tool. If you frequently use custom themes it is an absolute must have.” Tobias Wichert 

If this has piqued your interested, visit our shop and try out the demo mode.