Being at the forefront of invisible home technology

On the back of the CEDIA Awards 2019, a few of the winners were asked their opinions of the latest trends in the home automation industry by The Times property section; Bricks and Mortar Journalist Martina Lees.

She spoke to all three category winners of CEDIA’s Best Integrated Home and summed up that the very best technology for your home now seems to be invisible.  Many home owners strive to have the latest AV equipment and where it used to be the bigger the better, trends are now moving towards discreet.  

Our recent project with Intuitive Homes, Lakeview House, is a perfect example of this.  The house, which was an amazing transformation by Llama Group and Janey Butler Interiors, displays a magnificent 5 metre painting in the main living room behind which an 85” television is secretly housed.  Working with Future Automation and a custom canvas maker, when the home owner turns the television on, the painting seamlessly parts down the centre revealing the technology while maintaining beautiful artwork either side.



The Times article goes on to give some good advice on television positioning and speakers to enhance the sometimes disappointing sound from flat screen TVs.  It also mentions the benefits of plaster over speakers, again nodding towards the ‘invisible’ trend.

Finally it asks about key advice before you even commence a home technology renovation.  The main recommendation is to ensure that cables are pulled into strategic positions while other messy work is taking place.  Even if you don’t have the budget immediately, it gives you the option to add to your system at a later date.

If you have a Times subscription, you can read the full article here.

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Video credit: Llama Group and Janey Butler Interiors.