Don't take our word for it ...

Since 2010, Ultamation are proud to have won over 10 industry awards.  Whilst we are delighted with the physical award that we receive, it means a lot more to us than just another piece of silverware in the cabinet.

When you look at the competition in this industry, not just within the EMEA region but world-wide, it is an incredible honour to be told that a project you have delivered is deemed to be the best in the world. It provides a huge boost to the whole team, as everyone plays a part, from the user interface designers, to the programmers, to the project managers.

It isn’t just our internal team that benefits either.  We know what we’re good at, but we also recognise we’re not the best at everything, and some of our awards are for collaborative projects with the best in our industry.  Many are alongside Intuitive Homes who look after much of the installation work.  We have been with Intuitive Homes for a number of years and have a great working relationship; from a client’s perspective they feel they are just working with one, integrated, company.  We also enjoy working with architects, interior designers and bespoke developers such as Llama Group and Janey Butler Interiors who create the stunning canvas for our technology to blend seamlessly into.  The photography then says almost all that needs to be said.

The PR from the awards gives us some great exposure; Netflix’s Amazing Interiors (Season 1, episode 5), The FT How to spend it (both digital and printed), Cheshire Life and various trade publications, for example Essential Install who wrote a case study on Ultamation. Oliver Hall, Managing Director, has also been invited to participate in industry podcasts; The Integrated Home Podcast and AV Nations ‘A State of Control’ and speak at Integrated Systems Europe – the biggest technology trade show in the world.

This has really helped to raise awareness of Ultamation’s name and gives a level of credibility and authenticity to new clients.  It also helps to give clients inspiration of what they might want to do in their own homes as it is a brilliant showcase for the quality and breadth of our work.

Within the Custom Installation industry it helps to reassure other integrators and programmers that our modules live up to our promises, as we use these in our own projects; and that’s all backup up by the best support in the industry.

To read more about the awards we have won see the Why Ultamation? page on our website.