Best Crestron GUI in the World!

Over the past few years we have been working hard on developing our Graphic User Interface (GUI).  All of that hard work has been rewarded as we have just been awarded the Crestron Global Award for Best GUI.  This is a phenomenal achievement and everyone at Ultamation is incredibly proud.

Back in 2016, we started developing Lamina using Ultamation's home-grown Theme Creator. - recognised universally by the best Crestron integrators as the easiest, fastest way to build and maintain Crestron Smart Graphics Themes.  Initially Lamina was for our own systems as we felt that by building a common GUI for our programming framework would allow us to have greater consistency and streamline the development processes.  

Over the years Lamina Theme has received regular updates as Crestron bring out touch panels with new form factors and has been designed to maintain a consistent user experience between mobile, tablets and all of Crestron’s native panels.  We continuously streamline the user experience, and as a result we get great feedback from clients.

After the successful launch of Theme Creator to Crestron programmers, we felt having a theme available to buy would be the best way to show integrators just how powerful Theme Creator is.  To reinforce that we offer a discount if for anyone who buys Theme Creator and Lamina together.

The Lamina theme is not only a global winner in its own right, but it is, naturally, the GUI for the project that went on to win the CEDIA "Best Integrated Home in the World" award; so we can proudly state it is a multi-global award-winning product!

Read more about our most recent global award, and why the judges chose us here.

Buy Lamina and Theme Creator for your own Crestron projects by visiting our shop.

Image provided courtesy of Llama Group and Janey Butler Interiors