Ultamation get right to the Apple core

Following the announcement during Apple’s WWDC conference back in June 2018 that Apple TV would soon get IP control via Crestron, there has been much anticipation of what might be released.  While people wait for something to appear on the horizon Ultamation have moved forward to deliver the only MediaRemote based integration module for Apple TV. 

Despite the complexity of Apple's latest protocol tvOS12, which covers everything from Bonjour to Secure Remote Pairing Protocol to ChaCha2020Poly1305 encryption, Ultamation have been able to exploit the capabilities of Crestron's 3-Series .Net powered control systems to create a secure and reliable control solution for the latest generation Apple TVs.   In addition it’s now much easier to integrate into your program with our standalone pairing tool which automatically uploads the config file to the processor directly.  What’s more, other Apple TV modules require regular polling to maintain up-to-date feedback, whereas the MediaRemote protocol provides unsolicited feedback so you’re always in sync. 

The Ultamation Apple TV MediaRemote IP Control protocol offers some exciting opportunities for control of one of the most popular video streaming devices on the planet, and we're proud to be able to offer a new feature which can't be replicated in the currently available drivers - touch control.  You can even move the tiles around on the Apple TV desktop just like you can with the BlueTooth remote.

As with all our other recent modules, you can use our 60 minute demonstration which then allows you to confidently purchase the module in the knowledge that it will work with your system.  For those of you who have already purchase Apple TV module, the great news is that you will get a free upgrade, simply follow the instructions on the module page.