We sell hardware too!

Ultamation is known for creating reliable, innovative and popular modules; but did you know we also sell hardware too?

Being honest, it’s just one item but we are very proud of what we’ve created.  The Ultamation UC-DMX-200 is an Ethernet to DMX control interface for DIN rail mounting applications.  It features complete control of an entire 512 channel DMX universe, the UC-DMX-200 provides the bridge between any programmable Ethernet based control system and a DMX lighting system (or any other DMX controlled devices).

In addition to discrete channel control, the UC-DMX-200 also implements 8 independent pattern generators, capable of scrolling a pattern of up to 16 RGB values across a range of DMX addresses, removing the load from the host system.  Crestron control modules are available which make integration a breeze, and a simple ASCII based protocol is also available making integration with other systems simple.

It is also a product which everything from PCB up has been full assembled in the UK.

The best way to demonstrate what it does is to watch the videos, kindly supplied by Brian at AVIT, showing it controlling stair lighting and hallway lighting.

Obviously we think it’s great and have used it in a number of installations; but don’t just take our word for it.  Brian from AVIT agrees “The UC-DMX-200 is simply awesome. We have been searching for a device that easily gives us control over DMX based RGB LED systems and Ultamation has made that a snap. Not only is the hardware great but they also took time to help us dial in our program. Highly recommended!”

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