Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter at its best!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been asked to speak at a couple of events in Liverpool.  Liverpool is such a great city to be based in, particularly with events bringing various sectors of the business community together.  Being based at Liverpool Science Park puts us in an ideal position and gives us the contacts to get involved.   This being British Science Week gives us a perfect opportunity to talk about technology and how Computer Science is so important in our future industries ... especially with Industry 4.0 on the horizon.

The first event was hosted by The Institute of Engineering and Technology and LCR4.0 (Liverpool City Region), and invited North West businesses to learn about Industry 4.0, the LCR 4.0 Project (partly ERDF funded) as well as the opportunity to meet all of the partners involved and to learn more about their contributions so far.  Being one the case studies (for our augmented reality application) we were asked to talk about working with the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) funded by LCR 4.0, how we have benefitted and what the future holds with our product in the manufacturing sector.  It was great to be able to explain that without VEC and LCR 4.0 we probably would never have developed our solution and something which started as a "what if..." has now materialised into an application which we have won an award for and have some great manufacturing leads to develop further.  It was also interesting to hear how the team have helped other companies and with further grants available there are plenty more opportunities.  The other benefit, as often with these networking events, are the leads that came from the event ... which we've already started follow up. 

The second event was a week of activity planned by The University of Liverpool Computer Science department entitled: Be Your Own Boss - be careful abbreviating it as you might end up taking a bottle instead - BYOB!  The week was focused around current graduates being the boss of their own future and demonstrating where a degree in Computer Science can take you.  Ultamation participated in two events during this week; the first being 'Meet the Graduate' where Emily Young, who started working for us in January, joined 6 other graduates to talk about what they are doing now and how they got there.  Although Emily only graduated last year, it was great to see not just recent graduates at this event but some who were *ahem* a few years older too.  The purpose being to demonstrate how a degree in Computer Science provides many opportunities in future careers. 

Towards the end of the week was the turn of the boss, Oliver Hall, to showcase companies working in interesting areas and give a glimpse of what is going on in the tech sector in Liverpool and the North West.  We talked about how Ultamation started, has developed (with the pros and cons along the way), new markets and Industry 4.0.  As a business with links to the University of Liverpool we also gave a few pointers on what we look for in a graduate – hopefully with a view to future recruits!

Although it can be hard to allocate the time to such events (given there aren't enough hours in the day to do what we need to do anyway!), it does give you a good feeling to be able to give something back to the local community and when you get leads and hopefully future employees out of it … what’s not to love!