New Analogue Clock Smart Object Released!

Due to a large number of requests, we've refactored our popular Analogue Clock control so that it is now fully customisable.

Features include:

  • Automatically show panel’s local time, or drive any 12 hour format time from a control system.
  • Fully theme-able using either Ultamation’s Theme Creator or Crestron Studio.
  • Optional “glass” layer overlay.
  • Provide fixed minute offsets for alternative time zones.
  • Show/hide the seconds hand (set at design time).
  • Enable/Disable shadows on hands (fixed at 135 deg) (set at design time).
  • Hands animate between times when driven from the control system (can be disabled).
  • Not a SmartObjectTM – Hour/Min/Sec analogue joins can be anywhere you like, and no CEDs to worry about.

And if you still want the original vector based clock, we've reduced the price!

Please visit our shop for more details and examples of graphics assets that we include with the purchase.