RGB Colour Wheel Smart Graphics Control - Released!

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional third party modules for Crestron systems, we have adapted one of our most popular products, the RGB colour wheel module, for the Crestron Smart Graphics platform!

Our analogue clock was the first commercially available, non-Crestron authored Smart Graphics control, and we are building on that success by releasing the RGB Colour Wheel as our second commercially available control.


The RGB colour wheel is fully theme-able and comes with a set of graphics assets that allow you to jump right in to integrating it into your touch-panel projects with a minimum of fuss. The control provides all of the features that were included in our 2-series SIMPL module, with the addition of a built in intensity slider that scales RGB values for you, on the fly!

Head over to our shop to purchase the control, and give your lighting interfaces a facelift!