Another Win For Ultamation

 Crestron have just announced the winners of this years Crestron Integration Awards, and Ultamation are the very proud recipients of the award for the "Most Creative GUI" category.  We're particularly pleased as this is the second time we've won the category and represents the fifth award we've won either directly, or had a significant hand in for another dealer.

Our submission showcases Crestron's new "Smart Graphics" technology which brings the world of custom user interfaces right up-to-date, to sit comfortably alongside lifestyle technology such as the, now ubiquitous, Apple iPad.

Not only have Ultamation created an intuitive, fluid, user interface - equally at home in large residential applications or commercial boardrooms - we have also sprinkled some Ultamation magic into the user experience too, with a set of custom controls for lighting control, clocks, and notifications - firmly setting an Ultamation system apart from anything else available in the market.

With the solid foundations that the Crestron product range provides in terms of technical excellence and reliability, the user experience - and the programming that underpins it - are often what determines whether a system is just "good" or "really great".  With the user experience we have developed, along with many of the innovative controls, being exclusive to Ultamation's own projects, you can be assured that coming to us for your Crestron system will put in the best of hands.

Ultamation Ltd - the complete Crestron solution provider.

We have two videos showing our user experience, a whistle-stop overview, and the complete 8 minute competition submission.