Not all Crestron Dealers Are Created Equal

Cars vary from marque to marque - even though they all satisfy the basic function of moving you from A to B - there are differences in how they achieve that result, be it in performance, comfort, safety or simply making a statement.  The analogy with cars is sometimes used to illustrate the differences between control systems (or home automation by another name, custom installation, and so on), and whilst there are products and brands that will "get you from A to B", Crestron is the prestige brand, that will get you there, do it in style, and have a fresh coffee waiting for you on arrival.


To continue with the analogy, modern prestige cars are complicated pieces of design and engineering, and justify professional expertise when it comes to specification, delivery and maintenance.  You're likely buying into a premium product, customised to meet your aesthetic and technical requirements, and as such, you probably wouldn't ask a local body shop to give your brand new car a quick coat of paint or fit non-authentic parts.

Of course, just as you wouldn't (we hope!) buy a brand new Aston Martin from eBay, we'd never suggest you look beyond the authorised Crestron dealer network when you set out on a home automation project, but even within the dealer network, not all dealers are alike.

Ultamation have set themselves apart from the majority of Crestron dealers by offering a level of service that befits the prestigious Crestron brand.  This begins before we get anywhere near the gory technical details, as we work with clients to design a specification that enhances, rather than intrudes upon, their lifestyle.

Each stage of the process is documented so that all parties share a common vision of what the final product will be - which means client expectations are entirely met, at the very least, and exceeded wherever possible, and everyone involved in delivering the project has a clear set of goals which, importantly, can be measured.

Costs are fixed at the earliest opportunity, which is only possible with a documented specification, to ensure that clients aren't given any unwelcome surprises once they're committed.

As well as a healthy amount of rigour (without sucking the fun out of proceedings) in the design and installation, Ultamation also pride ourselves on our expert programming and user interface design resource, winning multiple Crestron awards and enjoying strong ties into Crestron's internal development teams.

Ultamation's finessed & structured approach leaves us superbly positioned to bring your lifestyle technology vision into being.  We're proud of our achievements and we'd be delighted to discuss your project with you and share our enthusiasm for the Crestron brand.

If you want to find out more, please get in touch using either the contact form or via telephone.