Show Home

Janey Butler Interiors have created a magical space that showcases Janey’s mastery of the interior and various pieces from her exclusive designers; all against incredible finishes and build quality that are the signature of all Llama Group projects.  Together with Intuitive Homes, we are proud to collaborate on all Llama Groups projects and why we have logically partnered with them to showcase our expertise in home automation within this Show Home environment.

By presenting our solution in the setting of a complete Show Home rather than single room we give you a glimpse into how you can combine sophisticated technology with great design across the whole of your home.  Some of the most satisfying comments we receive relate to the subtly of the technology and how it doesn't impinge on Janey’s considered design; so think discreet televisions that emerge from behind automated sliding panels and lighting that responds as you start watching a film.  Then move into the adjacent room to enjoy the multi  International award winning cinema that features both an 85” 4K (UHD) TV and a hidden projector and 8' drop down screen, all backed up with the ultimate in invisible technology, hidden plaster-in surround sound speakers.

We believe the technology in your home should work around your lifestyle, not the reverse; for example turning lights off and audio visual systems when a room hasn’t been used for a period of time, sensing your movements in the night and putting low level lighting on to help you move around without waking up the guests, or limit access to films unsuitable for children when an adult's phone isn't in the room.  By appointment, we would be delighted to take you through the possibilities at the show home so that you can make informed choices based on experience rather than a picture in a brochure, and you may find the technology isn’t the only thing that inspires you.