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Ultamation Become Authorised Bang & Olufsen Agent

 Extending Bang & Olufsen's heritage in high-end integrated audio-visual products, the iconic design company has unveiled a new programme of authorised custom installation dealers, and Ultamation are honoured and privileged to have been selected as one of a very few UK companies to join the programme.

As a Bang & Olufsen Approved Custom Installer, we are now able to provide a complete solution with Bang & Olufsen at the focal point, supported by the best of breed infrastructure that we've always built our systems around.

With the addition of Bang & Olufsen to our portfolio of other premium brands such as Crestron and Kaleidescape, the best just got even better.

Not a Bad Endorsement...

Let's not beat around the bush - some people win competitions for wining large or prestigious contracts.  Ultamation have won Crestron's "Most Creative GUI" award twice, and it's this high quality of design and programming that goes into every single job we do - large or small.  When you consider that an integrated control system - even one built up of products as good as Crestron's - is only ever as good as its programming, it only seems logical to come to the best.

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RGB Colour Wheel Smart Graphics Control - Released!

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional third party modules for Crestron systems, we have adapted one of our most popular products, the RGB colour wheel module, for the Crestron Smart Graphics platform!

Our analogue clock was the first commercially available, non-Crestron authored Smart Graphics control, and we are building on that success by releasing the RGB Colour Wheel as our second commercially available control.

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Another Win For Ultamation

 Crestron have just announced the winners of this years Crestron Integration Awards, and Ultamation are the very proud recipients of the award for the "Most Creative GUI" category.  We're particularly pleased as this is the second time we've won the category and represents the fifth award we've won either directly, or had a significant hand in for another dealer.

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Not all Crestron Dealers Are Created Equal

Cars vary from marque to marque - even though they all satisfy the basic function of moving you from A to B - there are differences in how they achieve that result, be it in performance, comfort, safety or simply making a statement.  The analogy with cars is sometimes used to illustrate the differences between control systems (or home automation by another name, custom installation, and so on), and whilst there are products and brands that will "get you from A to B", Crestron is the prestige brand, that will get you there, do it in style, and have a fresh coffee waiting for you on arrival.

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Crestron Master Programmer - Silver

No sooner has Andy Tatton achieved his Crestron Certified Programmer status, which opens the door to the exclusive Crestron Master Programmers programme, but Oliver Hall has been awarded Silver Masters' status.  Until this year, Silver status was awarded to those master programmers who had attended the invitation-only annual Masters' Training held at Crestron's regional headquarters 3 times.  There is now an additional test requirement where the candidate's programming and design skills are put to the test along with product knowledge of Crestron hardware and software tools to ensure that those awarded Silver status are keeping up with the fast pace of Crestron's evolving technology.

Oliver's test required him to demonstrate a thorough understanding of Crestron's new integrated development platform - "Studio" - and the revolutionary new Smart Graphics user interface elements.  Of course, given that we're developing unique and innovative Smart Graphics controls ourselves, this wasn't too much of a challenge.  Our analogue clock is already very popular and we'll have a number of other fully theme-able controls available in the near future.

Crestron Master Programmers are also expected to play an active part in Crestron's product development cycle and we're continuing to develop stronger links with the European HQ in Belgium and Crestron HQ in New Jersey as the most active contributor to the Smart Graphics development labs.

Another Qualified Crestron Programmer

We're very pleased to announce that Andy Tatton (our Senior Control Systems Engineer) has now qualified as a Crestron Certified Programmer.  This means he has achieved the highest level of Crestron programming.  To obtain this, he showed commitment by passing the three month test and demonstrated superb programming skills.  The great news for Ultamation is that we now have two programmers at this level meaning we can offer you an even better service.

Dials on Legacy Crestron Panels?


Why Not?

Although Crestron's new Smart Graphics promises to revolutionise the quality of touchpanel design and user experience for Crestron systems, we've developed a series of software modules that allow you to use responsive, truly radial, controls on Crestron legacy panels.  Combining the module with appropriate imagery, the control is transformed into a dial for things like heating or volume control or mode selection.

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RGB Colour Wheel Demo


Our RGB colour wheel module has been available for a while now, and can be seen in action at both of Crestron's UK experience centres (The Northern office in Leeds and Crestron's UK HQ in Cobham)

For those who aren't able to get over to either of them, we thought it would be cool to show you the RGB colour wheel in action, running along side a DMX lighting controller.

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