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Is your house ready for (Christmas) movie action?

Dare we say that Christmas is around the corner ... what better way to treat yourself and your guests to one of the best movie servers in the marketplace. Kaleidescape allows you to collect, manage and enjoy your films through a high quality interactive display and helps deliver an authentic movie experience in your own home.  Click here to watch how it works or contact us for more information.

And now to sleep ...

Does your Crestron solution provider give you a "sleep" function? ... Probably not.

Our framework not only provides a sleep function in every room so that you can select how long you want to watch TV for (or listen to music, or, well, anything...) while you doze off, but rather than shut the room off abruptly when the timer runs out, we fade the lights and volume down gently over the final minute so you're not disturbed by a sudden change. Does your current home automation system do that for you? No... we didn't think so. Watch how it works here or visit YouTube and search for Ultamation to see this and other videos.

Switching rooms is easy

One of our aims at Ultamation is to make our Touch Panels intuitive, so they are easy to navigate round and quick to perform the task you need.  Click here to watch a short video of our latest user interface in operation, showing how easy it is to switch rooms and access those rooms which are used most frequently. It also demonstrates how the interface informs the user through simple graphical and textual cues which sources are in use around the home, or in the selected room.

We often put videos of our Touch Panels on YouTube so you can see them in action - visit our YouTube Channel to view them.

Ultamation Touch Panels go Multi-Lingual

Here at Ultamation, we love coming up with new ideas that will further stretch the capabilities of the technology we work with.  As we are in an international market, we thought we'd go multi-lingual for this one.  Our latest video shows our localisation and user profiles framework - click here to watch our touch panels in action.  Apologies to any Japanese speakers - we have Google to thank for the translations - the Dutch is provided by a native speaker though!

To watch more videos of what we get up to go to our YouTube Channel.

Sky Now & Next web service data now available on Crestron systems

We're very excited to announce the release of our latest module which brings a new dimension to Crestron systems that incorporate UK Sky satellite receivers.  This module (available for 3-series only) takes the current channel number (which the Sky box can provide using our Sky Feedback Decoder module) and then requests information from Sky's Internet servers so that you can display the programme image, title, synopsis, start & end times and progress for the current programme, along with similar information about the next programme coming up.  It's a standard feature of all of our systems going forward - don't get left behind!

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New Analogue Clock Smart Object Released!

Due to a large number of requests, we've refactored our popular Analogue Clock control so that it is now fully customisable.

Features include:

  • Automatically show panel’s local time, or drive any 12 hour format time from a control system.
  • Fully theme-able using either Ultamation’s Theme Creator or Crestron Studio.
  • Optional “glass” layer overlay.
  • Provide fixed minute offsets for alternative time zones.

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Black Friday: 20% of Everything!

For today only, we're giving 20% discount on all products in our shop.  That's a saving of nearly £100 (ex VAT) on the normal price of Theme Creator, our celebrated tool for designing custom themes for Crestron Smart Graphics.


Theme Creator Introductory Offer Ends Today!

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the Theme Creator Introductory offer ends today.  Many thanks to all those who have already purchased licences - your support and feedback will go towards making Theme Creator a stronger product.

And here are a couple of comments received from those "early adopters":

"Congrats on a great piece of software, it looks and feels great."

"Man I love this Theme Creator! Its so fast and just works."


Theme Creator for Crestron Smart Graphics Released!

Theme Creator for Crestrom Smart Graphics

Release your creativity with Ultamation's Theme Creator (for Crestron Smart Graphics).

As an alternative to using Crestron Studio for the creation of Smart Graphics themes, Theme Creator provides a standalone solution that sits along side VTPro-e.  With the support of Crestron's own software development group, we've taken a fresh approach to theme creation and streamlined the process to allow you to build themes from scratch quickly and easily, and turn changes around in seconds.  The process of theme creation has been stripped back to cleanly reflect the relationship between fonts, images, styles and how they then apply to Crestron's Smart Graphics controls.

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You'll Never Be in the Dark with Ultamation

A Crestron home automation system can represent a fairly significant investment, so you'll want to be sure that the system you're purchasing is both fit for purpose, and easy to use.  When you engage Ultamation to deliver your project, you'll know exactly what to expect by reviewing our standard user guide.  Of course, every system is bespoke, so you'll still be able to take our award winning user interface design and programming framework and tailor it to meet your exact requirements.

Following delivery of the system, the standard user guide is augmented with system-specific material to so you have all the information you need to operate your system after our staff have "handed over the keys".  Download the user guide here to learn more about Ultamation's unique user interface.