The Ultimate Christmas Wish List

In the run up to Christmas we decided it would be a good time to put in our request to the big man himself (that's Father Christmas, Santa Claus, St. Nick, etc.).  So we've been looking at what would be the coolest home automation products to have in your home for the ultimate Christmas?

Starting at No. 5, and especially useful with all the Christmas entertaining, is a bespoke wine cellar system by Spiral Cellars.  As you would expect, this is not your usual wine cellar, whether you want a beautifully bespoke wine room, wine wall or gallery or, my particular favourite, their eponymous underground "Spiral Cellar"; these guys will custom-build your perfect solution.


Then at No. 4 we have Bathomatic by Unique Automation.  This is the answer for those of us who love a relaxing bath!  Imagine coming home from the office and your home’s control system sees you’re nearly back, filled the bath to your preferred temperature and depth; adding your favourite  fragrance, all ready for you to step in and relax (with a glass on Pinot from the Spiral Cellar).  And if you get delayed, it maintains the bath at the right temperature, perfectly for your arrival.  There's no need to stop there - Ultamation specialise in delivery the full intelligent home solution, and we can even trigger your favourite music playing for the perfect relaxation experience!

So now you're relaxed, you've poured another glass of wine, now we need some entertainment!  And who better, at No. 3, to provide it than the ever-stylish Bang and Olufsen with a Beovision Avant.  This TV is a celebration of movement.  An unforgettable fusion of Ultra High-Definition (4K) picture and iconic Bang & Olufsen sound, that unfolds before your very eyes – yes this is one that moves!


Next up at No. 2 is the ultimate for the car lovers.  As you drive home, the control system picks up your approach and opens your gates as you reach the driveway, your arrival is tracked by the CCTV analytics system to ensure you don't bring in any uninvited guests and, as the garage the doors open automatically, you drive onto the garage turntable, beautifully lit.  As you exit the car, the system picks a more up-tempo playlist to signal the transition from work, to play and your home wakes up, lighting as you approach.  No this isn’t a a science fiction fantasy, it’s real life for one of our clients.  Watch the FT journalist, Jonathan Margolis, trying it out for himself.

Finally, at No. 1 it has to be the ultimate party room; a unique space in your home for dancing, but with hidden depths – at your command the floor sinks and a swimming pool is revealed - look at these amazing spaces by Twinscape Group.  Just tell your friends to remember their swimming costumes!


Have a very relaxing Christmas and New Year, and after you've finished dreaming about what you might want for next Christmas… get in touch with Ultamation to turn the dreams into a reality.
Merry Christmas!