PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

Last week was an unusual week for Ultamation, as we demonstrated the first glimpse of our “proof of concept” for next generation user interaction.  As a company with a reputation for innovative control solutions; we took our latest venture to a new market and attended the UK’s biggest digital manufacturing exhibition – Smart Factory Expo in Liverpool.  This event, run by The Manufacturer magazine, is the UK’s biggest showcase for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) – a revolution in manufacturing agility, innovation and thinking.

We developed this new User Interface with the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), part of University of Liverpool, with the home automation market in mind.  However, as we have gone on to develop the concept further, by adding voice control, we starting thinking about other applications for this burgeoning technology.  What started as a speculative move has transformed into an exciting new world of opportunity for us.

 In a recent article for The Manufacture magazine, Marc Hauschild wrote  “the pressure on manufacturing firms to reduce costs, find innovative business models to reach their customers, and create smart products is mounting day by day. With companies giving importance to the first mover advantage, the market for the Internet of Things in the manufacturing industry is growing rapidly.”


We demonstrated our augmented reality user interface on a tablet providing a mechanism to efficiently present relevant data, or offer convenient controls, simply by looking towards an object.  This could then be controlled through touch or voice, enabling it to be used even if you are encumbered by health and safety equipment.
Despite the product still being at the beginnings of its life, we had a lot of very positive feedback and are now in the process of following up the most interesting leads with some well-known names, such as Bentley Motors, Dell EMC, GSK and Jaguar Land Rover.

To find out more, follow the link to see the concept in action.