The Man Cave … still going strong

Two years ago we were very proud to work with Intuitive Homes on a project which went onto receive many awards.  It became known as the Man Cave and seemed to excite people from around the globe.

An existing client wanted to take their basement car park and change it into a one-of-a-kind man-cave with the centerpiece being a rotating turntable to park and display one of his supercars.  Combined with this, he wanted the fun factor turned up to eleven, with an HD distribution system to the games room, HiFi audio distribution throughout and a space that bristles with hidden sensors to give the cave an intelligence of its own.

We thoroughly enjoyed this project.  Not only was the client good to work with, he was actively engaged with the technology, but it gave us an unusual challenge. Crestron isn’t often found at the heart of an industrial controls setting, but we married the clean design of Crestron’s touch panels and remote controls with the safety-critical ruggedness of industrial motor controls to deliver a real-life (Iron)-man-cave.

We're very proud to say the project went onto win:

  • “Best Custom Solution” at the 2016 CEDIA Awards
  • “Most Innovative Solution” at the 2016 Crestron Integration Awards
  • “Most Innovative Installation” at the 2015 ITSA Awards

 It was also featured in:

  Including a video online with journalist Jonathan Margolis trying out the turntable and talking to the owner

And to show that something this cool never really escapes the spotlight, it was featured this month in Ox Homes a lifestyle magazine. Read the full article here.