The reason we do it ...

We all know you get out of bed each morning and go to work, to get money, to pay the mortgage and bills, and try to have a life around it ... but the best position to be in, is when you love your work - and one of the highlights is when a customer that gives you that reason.

The other week, a client contacted us on Sunday evening with a piece of equipment which was not working correctly.  The customer lives a three hour drive away and, rather than leave him sitting in the dark, we were able to connect in, work out what was wrong and fix it. The problem was resolved within half an hour, which gave us a good feeling and the client was absolutely delighted, particularly considering we didn’t have any formal support in place.

He then requested an invoice, to which we said, "You’re a great client, we wouldn’t charge you for that".  He politely refused and again asked us to send a bill.  Not wanting to disappoint, we did indeed send a bill for an hour of time, however heavily discounted.  The client, a very busy man, responded immediately by saying he'd added a generous gratuity and hoped it wouldn’t cause us any accounting problems. 

It’s gestures like that, that make our day!

This is why we do it.  We aim to make all our clients lives easier through the use of clever technology.  Clients recognise that complex systems sometimes can go wrong, and the real measure of a technology partner is how they respond to events like this.  To provide an even better customer experience, we also offer a system-health monitoring solution so that we can react to issues before the client is even aware they have occurred!