A few words from our customers ...

It's always great to hear feedback from customers and even more satisfying when we've got it exactly right!

Occasionally we are asked to take over a job which another dealer has originally installed.  These can always be a bit tricky as people tend to approach things in different ways and often you're not able to have a conversation with the previous dealer to understand the decision they made.  Recently we've had one of these, and we'll be honest, we've had a few challenges!  However last week the client commented: "Nice one Boys. Thank you so much for all your painstaking efforts. I hope [Client] appreciates your commitment, I’m sure he will."

He then went on to say "Wish we have had this team on board from day one. It is an absolute pleasure working with you, just wish I understood it all a lot better."  It makes all the frustrations worthwhile :-)

We also regularly receive comments about the software we sell and we strive to offer great support for anyone purchasing our products.  Here's one from last week ... "I was just discussing with my colleague how good the support from you has been.  We appreciate your efforts, thank you.” 

Thanks everyone, it's reassuring to hear you think we're doing a great job!