Spotlight on Emmanuel

Five months ago Emmanuel Bustos took a leap of faith in moving to Liverpool from Argentina, via Italy, and coming to work for Ultamation.  As an experienced programmer, he has taken learning his third language (Spanish & Italian being his other two) in his stride.  Thoroughly enjoying the variety of projects and the ability to improve his skills in different areas, he has settled in well.  Some of the projects he is involved include;

the app for Ultamation’s UC-DMX-200 Ethernet to DMX Controller, functionality in Neo Plug and taking Theme Creator under his wing by making a number of improvements to workflow and then productivity.  For the full list of all changes/updates/bugs, click here for the release notes.
In between all of this, Emma is improving his C# programming skills and eagerly awaiting the next Crestron course.  He is very much enjoying Liverpool, and taking the opportunity to travel around the UK. It’s great to have him as part of the team!