Join the Voice Control debate

At Ultamation, we are constantly exploring the capabilities of the devices we work with, to exploit their features and make life easier and better for the end-customer.  To make the most of our Apple TV module, you can use the technology behind some of Crestron's products to use Voice Control for your Apple TVs.

We use the voice-to-text capabilities of the Crestron TSW-xx52/60 panels and TSR-302 remote to achieve two things. First of all, we provide a mechanism for the user to fill in the text entry boxes for things like the Apple TV search functions. This avoids the tedious up/down/left/right that cannot be avoided using other control techniques.

The second feature is voice control for moving around playing media. This requires parsing the input string to extract a time value from the input, and passing this on to the Apple TV so that it can jump to the requested point. Anything beyond trivial absolute positons requires that we know the current position, so that relative jumps can be made, and this is also possible because the Apple TV module offers this feedback.

More information can be found in the Application Notes for the Apple TV Module.

PLEASE NOTE: this is an existing feature of the Apple TV Module so there is no need to update your module.