We get a range of enquiries for our services, from people after a quick update of specific equipment, to a brand new bespoke system.  Towards the end of last year, we finished a project in a house which was undergoing significant refurbishment, and as part of this the customer wanted a new system, whilst still retaining specific pieces of equipment.  Ultamation worked with Intuitive Homes to design, plan and install the new system - which she felt was done "to perfection".



She goes on to add "It was a real benefit to be able to regularly communicate with you all to ultimately achieve something which is user friendly and particular to my requirements.  I also appreciated your patience in having to work with an existing system to produce an end result."

Now, we won't lie, there were challenges but as she says "in my experience large projects rarely pass without a single problem, and ultimately it’s the manner in which the problems are dealt with which matters.  To this end your proactivity and knowledge ensured everything was resolved quickly and  without question, so thank you."

This is the reason we work as hard as we do!  It's a delight to receive such feedback from customers who are living with the system we have created and can call it "Perfection".