Apple TV Module Update - New Licencing Mechanism

A few of months ago we released our Apple TV Ethernet Control Module for Crestron Systems.  We are very proud to be the first to release such a module for the Crestron platform and have had some great feedback from those who have purchased the module so far. 

In an aim to strive for continual improvement, we also take note of the frustrations you have experienced.  Some customers have felt that our licensing model did not offer them the flexibility they expected from a module that is purchased on a “per device” basis.  To address this concern, we’ve gone back to work and implemented Apple’s Bonjour device discovery for the Crestron platform which allows the module to discover Apple TVs based upon their configured name, rather than using a static IP address, much the same way that Apple’s own iOS Remote App discovers devices.

This new system will afford integrators considerably more flexibility, and offers a far more robust and dynamic approach to communicating with Apple TV devices.  Following device discovery and licence checking, control is still carried out using Apple’s Home Sharing ID system, as before.

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