ITSA 2015 Winner!

We were thrilled to recently discover that we have won an ITSA Award for one of our recent projects.  The project, which is intriguingly called The Man Cave, is a joint project with Intuitive Homes and won the most Innovative Installation category. 

This project proved to be one of those that doesn't come along too often, and truly embodies the ‘custom’ aspect of custom installation.
An existing client wanted to take their basement car park and change it into a one of a kind man cave with the center-piece being a rotating turntable to park and display one of his supercars. The brief was simple – create a space that Tony Stark would be proud of!

Okay, maybe not that simple… and there is definitely nothing simplistic about what Ultamation and Intuitive Homes devised to meet that brief, the finished product being more Batcave than man cave – a subterranean lair of the utmost finery and some of the coolest controls and presets any man could ever hope for, be he mere man or, indeed as the brief stated, Iron-man.

Featuring a custom Crestron interface, designed to reflect Tony Stark’s tech, the owner can now rotate his car at will, whilst detection setting allow the music to strike up and the car to revolve automatically whenever someone steps into the room – and if you don’t think that’s cool, then you should check your pulse.