Dials on Legacy Crestron Panels?


Why Not?

Although Crestron's new Smart Graphics promises to revolutionise the quality of touchpanel design and user experience for Crestron systems, we've developed a series of software modules that allow you to use responsive, truly radial, controls on Crestron legacy panels.  Combining the module with appropriate imagery, the control is transformed into a dial for things like heating or volume control or mode selection.

First of all we have the 135-135 Dial control which provides an absolute, full-range, analogue value depending on where the dial is touched, between -135 degrees from 12 o'clock to +135 degrees.  Watch the demonstration video to see how effective it can be, or visit Crestron Leeds' experience centre to see the control working as a volume control in the various zones around the office.

135-135 Dial Demonstration Video

Secondly, we have the jog wheel.  A control that simulates a continuously rotating dial that will output a pulse for each step rotation, clockwise or anti-clockwise, of the control (all configurable of course!).  This control is perfect for volume control, or if you set a coarse resolution, works equally well for selecting modes.  The video demonstration provides an example of both of these modes and also shows the dial graphics that come with the software module.




Both of these products are available from our shop: