RGB Colour Wheel Demo


Our RGB colour wheel module has been available for a while now, and can be seen in action at both of Crestron's UK experience centres (The Northern office in Leeds and Crestron's UK HQ in Cobham)

For those who aren't able to get over to either of them, we thought it would be cool to show you the RGB colour wheel in action, running along side a DMX lighting controller.

Here it is, driving a clock face with 48 individually addressable LEDs - in this example they're all showing the same colour, but the could all be different.




This control is available for any Crestron touchpanel that supports 2D slider controls as the mathematics behind the control runs on the control system's processor.  We are developing a Smart Graphics version of this control too which will move that processing to the touch panel instead, leaving the processor to do more cool intelligent home control.

The RGB colour wheel module is available from our shop: