Analogue Clock - A Crestron World First?

The Analogue Clock ControlWe're incredibly proud to announce, what we believe to be a Crestron world-first.  The first commercially available, non-Crestron authored, Smart Graphic control (previously known as Core3UI).  Ultamation's analogue clock is a beautiful, fully scalable, custom control that takes the time automatically from the control processor.  We've provided a design-time facility to give the clock an offset so you can give your clients the local time at any of their properties.  You can also choose whether to display the second hand too.

 Head over to our shop to purchase the control, and really set your projects apart from the others.

Note: The control is currently not supported under Crestron Studio, and may never be available under Crestron iOS platforms due to limitations on executable code imposed by Apple.